About Us

Welcome to Lifestyle of a Londoner! I’m Catherine, a 20 something born and bred London girl. I started this blog as there’s so much going on in the city which can sometimes feel overwhelming! So I’ve created a one stop shop of content spanning:

  • Self-care: life is fast-paced and demanding here right? So why not stop by some of my self-care posts where I’m covering tips and tricks to look after your wellbeing. I also show you all the ways to use the city as a resource to help you with that.
  • Lifestyle: The London lifestyle is pretty specific and feels quite different from other cities around the UK. In these posts, I cover ideas to get the most out of the London lifestyle such as maximising your time, getting motivated and building positive habits. In a place where time always feels like it’s against you and work can take over, it’s important to manage our lifestyles to get the balance we’re looking for.
  • Money: It wouldn’t be a blog about life in the city without some money chat right? We’re paying £6 just for a pint of beer these days and let’s not even talk about how many times Pret A Manger pops up in our bank statement. In these posts, I’m talking all things money from side hustles to get you some extra cash to saving and budgeting!
  • London: Not to be obvious or anything! Jump into my page for up to date London knowledge where I put all the work in for you to plan fabulous days and nights out to create amazing memories in the city. From cheap days out, romantic date places, top street food, even the festive season – you’re going to find it all here! So no more trawling the internet and Time Out for your next big social occasion just pop over here and I’ll have you covered.

Have a mooch around and check out some of my posts for all things life in London. I hope this becomes a really handy resource that you visit again. If you want to get in touch regarding posts or collaborating, drop me an email at: lifestyleofalondoner@outlook.com and let’s chat!