Low Cost and Free Ways to Enjoy the Weekend

With the cost-of-living crisis impacting many of us, it’s more important than ever to be in our budget and watching our pounds and pennies even more closely. I thought it might be useful to compile a list of low cost and free ways to enjoy the weekend to help you out in these challenging times. These activities are sure to keep your weekend feeling active and fun without blowing your bank balance.

Head off on an autumnal walk

This is a great way to get some movement in, visit a gorgeous park and take in the autumnal vibes. Why not google some local landmarks that you haven’t been too and create a list for the upcoming weekends. If possible, find places you can walk to from your home, so you don’t spend any money travelling to the destination. Preparation is key, bring a flask of coffee and a treat with you so you’re not tempted to spend money at the local cafe.

Refresh your space

Why not use this money saving period to give your space a refresh! Spend some time over your weekend deep cleaning those forgotten places and rearranging your furniture to give your place a new feel. This is a great way to clear out, declutter and even make some money by popping items on eBay or vinted.

Play online games

There are lots of online resources that can be enjoyed for free online. Playing games can be a great way to give some playful and structured activities that are completely free and don’t interfere with your budget. I absolutely love playing card games, they remind me of family holidays and evenings with friends. One of my favourite sites is Solitaire.org, here you’ll find tonnes of free card games that are easily accessible.

Here is the classic solitaire game, I really love that it times how long it takes to complete the game so you can try to beat your time each time you play. This game was easy to follow and navigate online, as always it felt so satisfying to complete.

I also gave the Garden Secrets Hidden Objects game a go, it’s a methodical game finding selecting objects shown to you from the overall pizza. I really enjoyed how methodical this game was and felt so relaxed at the end after really switching off and just focusing on moving through the tasks involved with the game. It was actually a great way to unwind at the end of the day. I’d definitely recommend checking out some of these games on Solitaire.org, it really is a brilliant resource which lots of variety and hours of free fun to be enjoyed!

Exercise at home

A great free activity is to schedule a workout into your weekend. You can access something for free online, whether it’s stretching out and relaxing after the week with a yoga routine. Or getting a sweat on following body combat or boxercise routine. Or maybe you’re putting your dancing shoes on with a dance aerobics or zumba routine. This is a great way to get into shape, save money and guarantee you’ll be in a great mood for the weekend.

Visit a gallery

Check out some free activities in your area such as visiting a gallery or museum. There are often guest exhibitions throughout the year giving you opportunities to enjoy a new experience seeing some sights for free. Don’t forget to bring a packed lunch with you to enjoy a full day of budget friendly activities.

I hope this list has been helpful and inspires you to keep saving whilst keeping your weekends jam packed with fun activities that support your wellbeing.

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